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Artist Interview - Chinmoy Biswas

Hi, Chinmoy. You're only the second artist from India to be featured in Dek Unu. Where are you from?

I live in the suburban area of the city of Kolkata of India and also work as a teacher in a nearby school. As a resident, I am extraordinarily happy that I live in a city like Kolkata — the city of joy.


Chinmoy Biswas

"City of Joy" was the sardonic title of Dominique Lapierre's novel.  You use it without irony. 

Kolkata is full of enjoyable holiday and leisure destinations — numerous monuments, an eco park, a zoo, planetarium, and the science park, Aquatica. There are children’s parks, several beautiful bridges including two bridges over the river Hoogly,  a museum, many small stadiums and two large ones, and so on.  Street life is always active and people celebrate various festivals

throughout the year. Kolkata is a city of artists. Like me, numerous people are professional, amateur, or passionate photographers. People in this city are also very friendly and helpful. So, Kolkata is really a "City of Joy."

What's your origin story? Childhood? Family? Early school years?

I was born in a Bengali Hindu family. I spent my childhood in the rural area of Bengal. Since then I have attached myself to rural areas and nature. I finished my schooling at a village school. Then I attended college in Kolkata and graduated with an honours degree in Geography. I have lost both my father and mother. Now, I belong to a small family with my wife and a ten-year-old daughter.

Do you remember any pivotal moments, big decisions, or formative surprises from your early years?

My childhood was guided by my father. So, I didn’t have any big decisions. But in my adult age, taking photography as a passion was a big decision for me.

Often jobs outside the arts provide important background. Have there been "day jobs" that contribute to your art?

I was not engaged with any job in my younger days. My first job was as a school teacher. As a teacher, I get some excellent opportunities to work with my students. They help me to capture some images which other photographers cannot. My students sometimes work as models in my images which is a great help for me.

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