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Images: ©Walter Ungerer


This is Dek Unu Magazine.  In Esperanto, dek unu means "eleven."   Eleven Images from a single artist. Eleven artists in eleven solo issues each year.

Dek Unu publishes the work of a new photoartist in each issue. The artist's work and words are featured alone and in individual focus as the sole purpose for each issue of the magazine.  Unlike other arts and letters magazines which might look for work from a variety of artists to support an editorial staff's theme, at Dek Unu, theme and imagery are always each artist's own.

The career of American media artist, Walter Ungerer, began when he entered the graphic arts program at Pratt Institute in 1954.  He finished his MFA at Columbia in 1960 and was associated with the underground film movement in New York City through the socially and intellectually turbulent Sixties.  Now in the seventh decade of is practice, he has built a body of imaginative, thought-provoking work by relying on intuition, playful exper-imentation, scholarship, and diligence. Like all other experimental film, Ungerer’s works depart, sometimes widely, from familiar narrative movie grammar; “stories” are told indirectly, in abstract mixtures of photography, sound (both planned and found), choreography, and always-malleable time.

April's feature is a departure for Dek Unu. it is the first time we have showcased a filmmaker and we are grateful to Walter for his work and for his assistance in putting it together here. The portfolio is best viewed in full-screen mode. Each film is represented both by a still image and the artist’s companion commentary about the meaning of the work and the technique involved.  A web address and a live click-link are provided to each film.  Some are short, some are longer, each is beautiful in its own way. Each is worth multiple visits. Enjoy a trip to Oobieland and beyond!

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