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©Dek Unu Arts, 2019

Images: ©Birdy Tg

This is Dek Unu Magazine.  In Esperanto, dek unu means "eleven."   Eleven Images from a single artist. Eleven artists in eleven solo issues each year.

Dek Unu publishes the work of a new photoartist in each issue. The artist's work and words are featured alone and in individual focus as the sole purpose for each issue of the magazine.  Unlike other arts and letters magazines which might look for work from a variety of artists to support an editorial staff's theme, at Dek Unu, theme and imagery are always each artist's own.

French multi-disciplinary artist and Doctor of Science, Birdy Tg, makes dense, panoramic photo-collage images that are, in their richness of detail and meaning, best seen as visual novels, visual symphonies, and visual feasts for the eyes and the imagination.  His unique photography combines elements of classical painting, stage design, street art, photojournalism, film, formal portraiture, and more.  His stories combine references to current events, world politics, western philosophy, psychology, mythology, the French literary canon, and everything else he can see and feel. A single image may contain more than 3000 parts and require 6 months of work to complete.  This is difficult, trans-gressive art that rewards zooming in, deep study, and repeat visits.

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