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This is Dek Unu Magazine.  In Esperanto, dek unu means "eleven."   Eleven images from a single artist. Eleven artists in eleven solo issues in each publication year. Dek Unu publishes the work of a new artist-photographer in each issue. The artist's work and words are featured in individual focus as the sole purpose for each issue of the magazine.  Unlike other arts and letters magazines which might look for work from a variety of artists to support an editorial staff's theme, at Dek Unu, theme and imagery are always each artist's own. Dek Unu is committed to issue-to-issue diversity and artist selection decisions are made without regard to career stage or pedigree.

"As I See It" is artist-photographer Lori Pond’s meditation on perception, on how we “see” – physiologically, intellectually, and emotionally.  Citing brain research that shows that perception is, first of all, a survival mechanism (“Can this eat me? Can I eat it?”), she documents the order and intensity with which we evaluate what we see.  The images in this series start as captures of public-domain oil paintings and royalty-free stock photos and end up radically different, and much more interesting, artworks on their own. The new artworks that Pond makes show that, while perception may start as a survival reflex, there is much more to “seeing” than that.  Using her skill as a graphic designer and her masterful handling of Photoshop, she chops and slices, lifts and zooms, and, adding the special sauce that makes her work uniquely her own, she creates new art that is far superior to the sum of its parts.

Unless noted, all images

©Lori Pond

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Pond works in series and her catalog contains sections ranging from gritty street photography ("1980’s LA" and "Passengers") through delicate visual haiku ("Open Landscapes") to the cerebral and surreal ("Menace" and "Bosch Redux"). In each case, the photographs hang together in a way that indicates the range and depth of her thinking, her sharp technical command, and her talent for seeing with her eyes, her brain, and her heart. Start here, with “As I See It,” but do not miss the rest of the fun at

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