Submission Periods (11/year)

Issue                  Submission Deadline

September                    August 1

October                     September 1

November                    October 1

December                  November 1

January                      December 1

February                      January 1

March                          February 1

April                               March 1

May                                 April  1

June                                May  1

July                                 June 1


1st through 5th of each month

August: No Call - "Jarlibro" Issue


How to submit:

Send 11 images as separate file attachments to a single e-mail to:

​                              dekunumag [at] gmail [dot] com

No zips, dropbox, shared folders, or other transfer methods, please. 


E-mail subject Line = Artist's name - Title of Project

Web-resolution .jpg only (no more than 1280 px on longest side @ 72ppi).

No distracting frames or watermarks, please.


​The e-mail message must include:

     1. Eleven attached files named exactly as follows:​​

  • Image sequence number   (plus)

  • Artist's last name                (plus)

  • Underscore                         (plus)

  • Image_title  (separate words with an underscore)

         Example:  If your name is Ed Weston, the first two files in your list of attached files
                            would be named:


02Weston_Point Lobos,_1938.jpg


​     2. 1st person bio/cv    (We do not limit the size of bio or statement documents.) 

     3. Project commentary    (.doc, .docx, .rtf, or plain text, please.)

Use the bio and commentary to tell your story in detail. We are about art and artists so mention anything you believe is important or interesting about your series, your practice, your life, in and out of the arts. Please write in personal, accessible terms, avoiding excessive jargon. Issues and interviews are in English; written facility is necessary.

When you are selected, Dek Unu staff will contact you to develop the interview via exchange of emails. Artists and staff develop interview and image commentaries in collaborative dialog.

Please read Terms of Publication here.

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